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boneArtis AG

81545 Munich
0049 89 6423089

boneArtis® has revolutionized the art of bone reconstruction and augmentation with Ceraball® and Ceraball® MCB®, the net-shaped-sintered ceramic micro-chambered beads. The new Gold Standard in Bone Augmentation. Local Tissue Engineering in Weeks instead of Months.

boneArtis® represents the only alternative to the replacement-behavior. With the successful shift into dentistry, boneArtis® moves a step ahead of current treatments and defines the new Gold Standard in bone augmentation.

By embodying today as the best carriers for tissue engineering, primary cancellous scaffold formation and defect healing of large cavities... both dental and in orthopaedics. boneArtis® has enabled patients from all over the world a new quality of life... and has long ago started emerging globally ... Local Tissue Engineering. In weeks instead of months.

Exhibited At: 

boneArtis® Ceraball®. Perfection in Dental Augmentation.

SDI® - Surgical Diamond Instruments. A step ahead.

boneArtis® Syntricer®. Fracture Healing in Perfection.

Synthacer®. Fracture Healing in Perfection

boneArtis Synthacer®. Fracture Healing in Perfection.

boneArtis® Orbita®. the worlds most advanced artificial eye.